Mindbrowse 2021: How the Pandemic Dramatically Shifted the Dynamics of Production

Mindbrowse and Sssh.com hosted their 8th annual seminar at XBIZ LA 2021, an event series designed to explore industry-wide issues and cultural shifts. In this edition: “How the Pandemic Dramatically Shifted the Dynamics of Production”


Organized and moderated by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, the event took place on Monday January 11, 2021 from 2 – 3 pm PST. Featured speakers include FSC’s Lotus Lain, Meana Wolf, Britney Amber, Mike Quasar, ATMLA’s Mark Schechter, Nikki Night, and Karla Lane.

“In recent years, production dynamics within the industry have been shifting significantly,” Dr. Tibbals explained. “Then, the pandemic happened. And though COVID-19’s impact on every aspect of the wider social world is still unfolding, one clear effect it has already had on the industry is augmenting these seismic shifts.” 

During “Production, Power, and the Pandemic,” speakers discussed the ways in which already shifting production dynamics were expedited and further shifted during 2020. Social impacts within the community, as well as speculations about the future, were discussed. As always with Mindbrowse events, Dr. Tibbals invited live questions from the virtual audience.

This year’s event marks the eighth time Mindbrowse and Sssh.com have produced and hosted the large “big picture,” think piece-level seminar seeking to explore industry wide issues and cultural shifts during the XBIZ LA show.

“Who knew when we broadcast our very first Mindbrowse seminar from the XBIZ show floor so many years ago that virtual programming would one day become the norm?” quipped Sssh.com’s owner and award-winning director Angie Rowntree.

“Our intention with these seminars was always to provide a platform for a diverse array of perspectives from our community to come together to deep-dive on relevant topics – and to make that discussion as accessible as possible via technology,” Rowntree continued. “One welcome twist to the pandemic is that our goal of enhanced accessibility has become normalized!”

Mindbrowse Show Discusses Inclusivity, Content Production in Adult Entertainment Industry

Mindbrowse.com and Sssh.com hosted a discussion on “Presenting Sex: Diversification, Inclusivity and Content Production in 2020,” at the 2020 XBIZ Show.

The event was held Tuesday, January 14 at 2 p.m. in the Andaz Hotel in L.A. and was broadcast live via Periscope on Twitter at @ssshforwomen.

In terms of actual content produced, as well as within the community itself, the adult industry has made significant strides related to diversity and inclusivity in recent years. And though there’s still plenty of room for improvement, the industry shows no sign of deviating from this path.

But how does this process feel to performers living it in real-time? Moreover, how does an increasingly inclusive community feel when placed alongside consumer demands that may not feel quite as progressive?

“Presenting Sex: Diversification, Inclusivity and Content Production in 2020” will dig deep into diversity and inclusivity as it pertains to adult content production, considering perceived community practices alongside perceived consumer demands. The discussion will also explore ways in which producers, performers, and other invested parties can work together more effectively to engage these issues.

Mindbrowse events are produced by Sssh.com’s director Angie Rowntree and organized and moderated by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals.

Event participants included Casey KissesKarla LaneLance HartLena PaulLotus LainNyssa NeversPeppermint and Romi Rain.

In an attempt to create a more egalitarian space, this Mindbrowse event once again deviated from the conventional panel form and instead utilized a round table discussion format. The group of “official” event participants weighed in, but all attendees were encouraged to participate in the group discussion.

“Moving into 2020, adult entertainment finds itself — once again — on the cusp of social change,” Dr. Tibbals said. “In today’s wider world, diversity and inclusivity related to race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and age are shaping all manner of social change. This includes adult content production.”

“I am excited to lead this discussion and, once again, learn from community members who are working at the very intersection of adult media and wider society,” she added.

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