Launched in 2014, MindBrowse is a place where the adult entertainment industry’s ideas go to grow up. Here, various notions are debated, discussed, turned inside out, parsed and reassembled. It’s a place where people talk about issues that affect everyone involved in porn, from the corporate executives who pay for its creation to the men and women who perform in it – and the fans who watch it. Put more prosaically, MindBrowse is a site that hosts live videoconferencing discussions of compelling and challenging topics. For each discussion, we assemble a panel of speakers with diverse backgrounds and opinions encouraging a ranging and balanced discussion of each topic with audience participation via Twitter (#SexTalkTuesday) or on SexTalkTuesday.

“Porn has reached a point where it’s just part of the broader cultural landscape now, so this isn’t just a discussion to be had by the industry and its critics” Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree) founder of and producer of Mindbrowse said. “We’re giving porn’s fans and detractors a voice in the discussion too.”

Continue on to see video archive and information about our shows since 2014.

Photo Credits For Top Feature Image
Dr. Chautelle Tibbals, Sociologist/Author.
Kelly Holland, Sex Educator/Writer
Elle Chase, Director/Performer
Courtney Trouble, Adult Performer
Karen Tynan. Adult Industry Attorney
Jacky St. James Director and Screenwriter
Alex Chance Adult Performer

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