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Launched in 2014, MindBrowse is a place where the adult entertainment industry’s ideas go to grow up. Here, various notions are debated, discussed, turned inside out, parsed and reassembled. It’s a place where people talk about issues that affect everyone involved in porn, from the corporate executives who pay for its creation to the men and women who perform in it – and the fans who watch it. Put more prosaically, MindBrowse is a site that hosts live videoconferencing discussions of compelling and challenging topics. For each discussion, we assemble a panel of speakers with diverse backgrounds and opinions encouraging a ranging and balanced discussion of each topic with audience participation via Twitter (#SexTalkTuesday) or on SexTalkTuesday.

“Porn has reached a point where it’s just part of the broader cultural landscape now, so this isn’t just a discussion to be had by the industry and its critics” Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree) founder of Sssh.com and producer of Mindbrowse said. “We’re giving porn’s fans and detractors a voice in the discussion too.”

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Mindbrowse 2013 – 2023: An Industry Retrospective at XBIZ 2023

LOS ANGELES – The more things change, the more they stay the same? To say the adult entertainment industry community has changed in the past ten years would be an understatement and to refrain from considering these shifts would be a mistake. As such, Mindbrowse.com and Sssh.com hosted “2013 – 2023: An Industry Retrospective” during XBIZ LA 2023.

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The event was held on Tuesday, January 10th at 3 pm PT at the Kimpton Everly Hotel (Beachwood Ballroom) in Hollywood, CA. It will also be broadcast live via Twitter at @ssshforwomen.

During this seminar, panelists discussed three foundational pillars impacting porn as we know it – our internal industry culture, technology, and mainstream social trends – taking a deeper look at how these areas have evolved since 2013.

Mindbrowse events are produced by Sssh.com’s award-winning director Angie Rowntree and organized and moderated by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals.

“It’s sometimes somewhat stunning to consider how much our industry and community have evolved in the past ten years,” Dr. Tibbals said. “I myself often punctuate a major shift with the rise of piracy-based tube sites… and that specific ‘rise’ occurred well before 2013!”

“I’m eager to give the 20-teens their discussion due, considering the very significant shifts we have seen – including positive evolutions, as well as sustained issues, problematic throwbacks, and new challenges,” Dr. Tibbals continued.

Event participants include Siri DahlSinnamon LoveKristel Penn, and attorney Corey D. Silverstein.

“As a self-representing, independent performer who fully retired from the business for five years before platforms like OnlyFans existed, I have a unique set of insights into the changes the industry has seen over the last decade,” Dahl shared. “It’s a really unique time to be in this industry, and I probably spend an unhealthy amount of energy thinking about how our industry can be made better, safer, and – perhaps most importantly – ethically defensible as we continue to face social stigma and politically-motivated attacks.”

Silverstein echoed Dahl’s assessment, stating that, “I’ve been fortunate enough to have been part of the legal community in the adult entertainment industry for almost 15 years and during that time I have seen fundamental changes in our politics, laws, regulations, and behavior. I cannot wait to talk about the legal issues that we were facing as an industry in the past, what we are facing now, and how the future looks.”

“As we reflect on the last decade, the future is on our mind more than ever,” Rowntree said. “At present, our industry and community are impacted not only by politics and the law, but also by the continuing spirit of innovation as the ways in which people relate to and consume adult entertainment continue to evolve… all while desire itself is timeless.”

Mindbrowse, July 13, 2022: ‘Shaping Today’s SexTech’

 Mindbrowse and Sssh.com are pleased to release the recording of the live stream discussion, “Shaping Today’s SexTech: Science and Social Issues,” broadcast on July 13, 2022 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT.  

At its core, every aspect of SexTech is informed by… technology. And yet, we all-too-often find that the science and ingenuity driving SexTech is overshadowed by wider social issues shaping sex and sexualities in our society. During “Shaping Today’s SexTech,” we will discuss how wider social perceptions of sex and sexualities shape the marketplace and societal landscape in which SexTech entities strive to innovate, develop, and work.

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Featured speakers include Ola Miedzynska of sxtech.eu, Anna Lee of Lioness.io, Raven V. Fabar of EngErotics.com, and Loes Jaber of Nuditae.com. Sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals will lead and moderate the discussion.

The event is produced by Sssh.com and Angie Rowntree and will take place virtually. Viewers can watch via live stream on Twitter at @ssshforwomen. A recording will be available after the event on Mindbrowse.com.

“Women’s sexuality is still overlooked, if not marginalized, so SexTech gives us the opportunity to innovate and excel,” said Sssh.com founder and director, Angie Rowntree. “However, female founders are up against considerable odds, and not just due to the prevailing gender bias in the tech sector, but also due to the current political climates in Europe and the US. Women’s health is not only being dismissed outright, it is being actively legislated against and sabotaged, which by extension, harms the sexual wellness sector and discourages participation in the wider world of tech.”

The event speakers aligned with the show’s wider assessment of the current SexTech space, as well as offering a positive stance for the future.

Per Miedzynska, even conceptualizing one’s brand is cause for potential discrimination.

“‘Sx Tech EU’ is pronounced ‘Ess Ex Tech’ and not ‘Sex Tech,’” Miedzynska explained. “We couldn’t put an ‘e’ in the middle because we would immediately get caught in the censorship algorithms. The brand name itself actually represents how blacklisted, discriminated and double standard treated is our industry segment.” 

Jaber discussed these issues on a wider social structural level.

“The entrance to the sextech and sexual wellness marketplace is guarded by our patriarchal society,” Jaber  said. “Though building a startup is never easy, building a sextech startup means extra hurdles and hoops to jump through every single step along the way… I’ll share how Nuditae aims to change the global perception towards sex and sexuality and to break through those barriers for ourselves and future sextech founders.” 

Fabar addressed a primary goal of the event: finding ways to create space for the future!

“My hope is that those who tune in to watch will walk away having learned something new and, perhaps, even having gained an entirely new perspective on what it means to work in the industries of Sex Tech and Sexual Wellness,” Fabar shared.

Lee echoed Fabar’s sentiments, stating that, “We’re in a time when sextech innovation is expanding quicker than ever, however the stigma and taboo around sex still holds back the full potential in this space. This will be the perfect event to hear from some of the pioneers on the current landscape and why it is crucial to destigmatize the space, and the impact it will have on society moving forward.”